Organized Criminal!!!

I am Victim of an addressing my concerns to everybody. Please I want everybody to take some time out and read. Our Pakistani Muslim Brother and yours mutual friend Pakistani Realtor and Broker & his partner Mohammad Arif (Mian) has got me to a point where myself and has dug my family grave yard by Mohammed AfZal Mohammed Ahmmed ( Limo Driver Calgary).They drunk my blood.

Mortgage fraud made by Mohammad Arif and theirs friend Pakistani Realtor, mortgage Broker. That they have just started a restaurant name “LASANI RESTAURANT.” How did they build that restaurant?

Pakistani Realtor can afford to live in a mansion and drive brand new Toyota and a restaurant. Do you know how he is doing these? He is building mansion at people graveyards,

I am a victim of these people they did a mortgage fraud on my

Guess what is interested not only Pakistani Broker and Pakistani realtor, and Mian Mohammad Arif, are involved in this Fraud this. They plan this crime with their wives/daughters. They followed steps.

They will get to know you first yours position & status.

They will invite you for a dinner.

They will come over your house and be nice and kindly.

They will show you dreams

You will be tempted.

They will ask yours Ids or theft by their wife daughters, and children.

After sixth month, they will kill you literally.

Finally, you will be dead or suicide

Organized Criminal Minded Person

Everyone! Beware from those people, please forward this message to yours friends and pray for me.

If I die, the responsibility on the three people Pakistani ((Realtor) and Pakistani, (Broker,) Main Mohammed Arif, Mohammed Afzal Ahmed and also responsible for Government Canada.

All those people sport to Al-Quida swath,because Mian Arif and his wife Abida Naz belongs to swath. Pakistan. There is the control of Fundamentalist Islamic scholar. 

Other Victims

Amir, Lahore food.

Jagtar sing, Rai  Joashi 

Rash Joshi







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